How we act

We identify great ideas and invest in the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

We are an experienced and sophisticated institutional investor, generating attractive returns through global private investments in venture, growth, and small buyout assets worldwide.

Understand our investment approach

Identify and invest

​We seize the moment to generate long-term returns

In the world of business, we know that timing is critical. Our dynamic and agile team and organization allow us to identify, analyze, and execute investments efficiently and effectively, without compromising our due diligence and robust governance.

Each year we commit around $3 billion throughout the business lifecycle and across multiple funding rounds to spur the growth of dynamic and developing businesses with outstanding teams and disruptive business models.

Our shareholder and leadership team take a holistic view of success, measured in decades not quarters. With paid-up capital of $8 billion, we define our impact not only through risk adjusted returns of individual investments but more broadly through the growth journeys of our partner companies and their collective contribution to economic growth, job creation, and social impact.

Our Asset Allocation

Our growing and diversified portfolio aligns with our investment strategy and risk profile, reflecting our focus on pursuing attractive and unique investment opportunities while allocating a larger proportion of our assets to private investments with exponential growth potential.

Venture Capital

50 %

Private Equity

30 %

Liquid Portfolio

​20 %​


​0 %


​Investing in bold ideas​​ for a better tomorrow

Our strategic approach to capital allocation across sectors and around the world is designed to support our partner companies at critical stages of their growth journey. We provide not only patient capital over the long-term but also valuable insights and access, particularly with respect to the GCC ecosystem, as we have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the region to seamlessly facilitate international investments and exits for our regional partners.

​​Integrated Investment Model

We aim to achieve significant and sustainable growth of our asset base over time through​

  • A well-defined strategic asset allocation policy
  • Internal sourcing and management of direct investments
  • Partnering with best-in-class external asset managers
  • Robust risk management and governance

​Effective Decision-Making

Our organizational structure is designed to facilitate prudent investing in a timely fashion, leveraging our scale, network, and position, while remaining agile to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.

World-Class Team

Our multi-national investment team brings decades of hands-on investment experience, covering a wide range of asset classes and geographies. It is supported by an exceptional team of subject matter experts specialized in law, IT, operations, administration, HR, finance, and accounting.​

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A great idea can change the world

But it doesn't happen by itself. It takes exceptional people, passion, and partners to nurture a groundbreaking idea into a valuable and sustainable company.

How we think

The strength of shared purpose

We are a global financial investment company made up of a world-class team of dynamic and experienced investment professionals, working as one with pride and shared purpose towards a promising vision.​

Who we are

Your partner for sustainable success

We work hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies to develop an in-depth understanding of their needs and aspirations, adding value in a range of ways – beyond solely financial – to drive business growth and robust returns.

Our amazing partners

We’re always open to meeting new people, discussing innovative ideas, and exploring new partnerships.

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We concentrate on private investments from early to more mature-stages of the business lifecycle. We are a nimble and highly experienced team of investment professionals with a proven track record of delivering attractive financial returns. 

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